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Retirement Planning

Regardless of where you are in your career, it’s important to start planning for your retirement as early as possible. As we all know — life can be expensive, and an increased lifespan means we need even more resources at our disposal if we want to live comfortably beyond our employment.  

Pacific Wealth Management’s retirement planning process begins with a focus on your goals — before diving into the numbers — to ensure we have a clear vision of your priorities. We then utilize industry-leading financial planning tools and expertise to build a retirement plan designed for you, ensuring the life you always envisioned becomes a reality.  

Navigating Social Security, Medicare and health insurance are additional ways we help our clients gain peace of mind in one of life’s greatest transitions. Your vision of a secure retirement is within reach; sound guidance will lead you to the retirement lifestyle you deserve. 

Begin your Financial Plan Now

Our retirement planning services include:

Goal-based needs analysis

Social Security planning

Long-term projections

Retirement plan analysis

Beneficiary designations

Monte Carlo analysis

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